Microsoft Dynamics AX7 for Human Resources

It’s time for a little investment in human capital

We solve problems in the workplace by connecting the people who work there: breaking down the barriers that prevent them from communicating effectively; offering them more efficient ways to get things done; and uncovering information that leads to ideas.

In the end, your people get better at what they do, your customers get greater value, and your company gets a greater return.

The Dynamic Solution

  • Technology doesn’t solve everything, we still need people to get things done. But when it comes to the shifting nature of Human Resources and the needs of the next workforce, Microsoft Dynamics AX Human Resources helps revolutionise HR in the same way technology has changed the capacity and capability of departments all across your organisation.
  • Take the phone in your pocket, for example. Phones were once just phones and they literally kept you tethered to your desk with a cord. If you wanted to do business, you had to be in the office. And if you were out for any reason, you were met with a pile of pink message reminders outlining the clients and customers you had to call back.
  • Now, your smartphone allows you to take all lines of communication – and your desktop – everywhere you go. Your office is literally infinite, and your ability to be productive is uninterrupted. It’s a level of connectivity, and thus, efficiency, you wouldn’t have imaged a dozen years ago, and now you simply can’t survive without it.
  • Microsoft does precisely the same thing for HR. In one, unified system, it allows you to move beyond the daily details of HR administration and use the resources of your people to make a greater impact on the organization. By offering click-to-connect communication, it inspires collaboration between employees, teams and companies. Microsoft Dynamics AX is intuitive so you can manage people and processes without IT input.